About All Hallows Ipswich

All Hallows Church Ipswich is on the south east of Ipswich. The church is part of the Church of England, and is in the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich

A short video that was recently made about us


Tooling up

An exciting day at the shed! after much discussion making lists and more discussion a few weeks ago we placed and order with Machine Mart for a collection of tools, today the order was ready for collection.

Pillar drill

Bench pillar drill that was donated to the Shed project

But first we had to deal with a very nice problem, part of the order was for a pillar drill but someone that used to come to the youth fellowship in the 1950’s or 60’s heard about what we are doing and donated one to us, thus we suddenly had credit, Alex and Matthew in Machine Mart trying to deicide what to buy…. only took 45 min with the car on a 30 min max stay parking space.

Eventauly the order was loaded and taken to the shed

The tools arive at the Shed

Unpacked and ready for a publicity shot

Some assembaly required!

Welcome to All Hallows Shed Project

The All Hallows Shed Project will be opening its doors for the first time on

Monday 18th June

To begin with we will be open on Mondays for 2 sessions

2:30-5:00pm and 6:30-9:00pm

The aim of the Shed is to provide a space where people can come together to share skills, to enjoy the company of others, to undertake projects for themselves or the benefit of the community.

We have facilities for woodwork, metalwork, electronics, computing and tea making.

please email allhallowsshed@gmail.com to become a member or to get more information or Call 01473 717084